Explore This Incredible Green Village in Bali Made Entirely From Bamboo

If you were enchanted by this amazing Green School we recently wrote about in Bali but found that you were too old to take part in their innovative program, here’s your chance to have a similarly-built bamboo home nearby. Designed and built by Ibuku, the same team of architects and craftsmen as the school, the Green Village is a master planned community set along the rural landscape of Bali Ayung’s river. The same principles of design and sustainability utilized at the Green School are put to work in this new community making use of bamboo for practically everything in sight.

Ibuku (formerly called PTBambu), a design-build firm located outside of Bali’s cultural center of Ubud, is the visionary behind both the Green School and the Green Village. So far one home in the community has been built and is a spiraling canopy of bamboo set amidst the lush jungle above the river. Everything is made from bamboo, from the window frames to the staircase, tables, chairs, floors, and even the cabinets and the walls. The amazing craftsmanship in this home exemplifies what is possible with the fast-growing, renewable material. READ MORE